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Golem Center of Jewish Performing Arts
Budapest, Hungary



Hello! My name is András Borgula, and I am the founder and Artistic Director of Golem Theater, based in Budapest, Hungary.


15 years ago we established Golem, still the only Jewish theatre in the country. Jewish values and culture, tolerance, freedom of thought and diversity – these were the founding ideas of our mission.


Our dreams from back then have come true by now: as an independent theater, in the last decade we have had more than 100 000 spectators clapping at our shows. We became a unique, independent theater: Jewish, Hungarian, European.


But we never stopped dreaming.


We want to live in an open-minded and appreciative society, where people are proud of their diversity. We would like Hungary to be a country that can gain strength from its minorities, where dialogues are open and meaningful, where the sense of community is strong.


We want show the world that the word “Jewish” means many different people, many different perspectives, a wide variety of flavours, a complex and multi-coloured cultural phenomenon.


By launching the Golem Center of Jewish Performing Arts in the heart of Budapest’s Old Jewish Quarter this year, we created an independent hub to promote our Jewish and EasternEuropean heritage and connect people through our values and work.


Our place does not only offer Jewish arts and culinary, but also provides a creative workspace and an ever-growing community for independent artists. Also, through our educational programmes, we inspire the next generations to think freely and find their own ways.


Now you can be part of our story!


Please get to know us, join our community of supporters, and help us continue our mission and spread our values!





Stories from the life of Klara Rotschild, the international queen of fashion.


Recipes for Survival

This cookbook was written in the lager of Lichtenworth by five girlfriends. Why were these recipes never cooked? Why did those friends never meet after the war? What is the hardest to lived with: a yiddishe mamma in early marriage, a concentration camp, communism or the new republic of Hungary. 


Final Cut

Can we believe to the news on the net? Will Jews really take over the world? Is it rude to eat with fork in a Chinese restaurant? Is it inappropriate to change the Turkish TV channel in a Turkish restaurant? We will solve and answer, believe and refute all your questions, knowledge, presumptions and observation about the Jews. Or not!



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We are now open in downtown Budapest!


Lunch meals, gorgeous sandwiches, babkas, Jewish specialities and much more in Golem Café.

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